Saturday, November 1, 2008

There's Still Time For Some To Change...Their Minds

Okay, some of you have been rushed to vote for "change" without knowing what the changes were...exactly. Why would anyone not take the time to investigate a candidate with as many negative "issues" brought to the forefront? If a person had an undesirable friend or "acquaintance" wouldn't society voice disapproval? And, if that same individual seemed to have a history of "hanging" with the wrong crowd...well, you get my point. Why then would anyone not have the same disdain toward someone running for the highest office in America? What's done, is done. I will have to turn my attention to those who still have time (and the vote) to make a difference in this election. Let's move on to my next point. Obama is slowing down on his pie in the sky rhetoric and starting to talk in simple terms. Simply put, the "go-to guy" can't deliver what he promised...or was that eluded to? Isn't it interesting to note that in a year's time the middle class has dropped from more than $250,000 to $200,, $150,000 (Senator Biden), $120,000 (New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on KOA-AM). My fellow Americans, with inflation in the mix, those under $25,000 will be considered middle class in no time, for tax purposes. I loved a memo pad I saw sitting on an Army Officer's desk which had in bold letters SAY IT IN WRITING. Maybe Senator Obama didn't get that memo pad. Could he just write down the amount and thus avoid all of this confusion? Yes, he could, but then Americans would have a real grasp of his plans...and that wouldn't be a good thing for him or his party. Evasiveness is his ally. Moving right along, I'm not happy Senator Obama has stated that John McCain and Sarah Palin have made "a virtue out of selfishness". This statement was on the heels of his disbelief that they thought his ideas were socialistic. Well, they are! Now, I am offering one last opportunity toward redemption if your vote has already been cast, but not for the right person. Confess to your friends and coworkers that you have made a mistake. Maybe you can undo what you have done by soliciting one or more counter votes. You can honestly say that your vote was cast before full disclosure of Obama's intentions... which will never come until after the election. Yes, it will be slightly (to extremely) embarassing, however, I would rather face my friends and acquaintances now, than future generations who had to live with results, due to our pride, later. Do the right thing. May God Bless America!

Zanne Booker

Note: We should never be rooting for a candidate; it should always be for America.