Monday, October 13, 2008

Acorn Rep’s Comment Isn’t A Wise “Crack”

Let me start by saying that ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is an organization that advocates for families of low to moderate incomes. Members of the organization have been working diligently to get these voters registered, which in and of itself is admirable. The problem is that numerous fraudulent voter registration reports (by ACORN employees) were discovered: one individual declared he had filled out over 70 for himself; another was only credited with 17 registrations; additionally, a seven-year-old also showed up on their records (without parental knowledge). Upon disclosure, Ann Sullivan, an ACORN organizer on Long Island, was quoted as saying, "We feel these attacks are politically motivated." No, Ms. Sullivan, they are far deeper than that. This nation has come a long way from the first election in 1776 which only allowed rich, white property owners to participate. The struggle would last over two hundred years before poor whites, blacks, and women would all share equal footing on election day. Tactics of intimidation, literacy requirements, and fraud would be prevalent along the way. Blacks and whites have stood together to tear down these barriers of prejudice and inequality. Now, please don’t stand there and tell us that these attacks are merely politically motivated. These actions are, in fact, a giant step backward in our fight to keep the very freedoms men and women, throughout history, have fought and died for. Don’t think that foreign nations are not watching our election process, praying that we are still the standard they should follow.

Zanne Booker 10-14-08

Note: Hold your ground and vote for the candidate of your choice. Don’t let the reason he/she didn’t win be because voter polls (which are skewed) influenced you. If the other guy is supposedly going to win, let it be without your vote.