Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin and the VP Conundrum

A conundrum can be defined as a problem having only a conjectural answer. Sarah Palin's presence on the McCain ticket has left the Republican Party with an enigma status which is bugging the Democratic Party something fierce. After all, she was worthy of the opposition party sending a platoon of political operatives, to Alaska, just to dig up the dirt. The greatest fear, of perhaps both parties, might just be her track record. She hadn't exactly been kind to her Republican colleagues either when it came to dealing with problematic individuals (and their cronies) in her own state. I can not help but wonder if some of the surprising desertions, of prominent Republicans, couldn't have been caused by a fear that her "honing" skills, on matters of corruption, is too keen. Is there a more sinister reason for their defections? I'll ask two questions. First, is it possible that there is a skeleton in some of these Republican closets? Second, could it be that the Democrats are rattling the bones? The hounds might be getting too close. Politically educated Republicans, of all people, should know what socialism is and what it can lead to. Maybe the liberal media, in concert with the Obama Camp, is down-playing her abilities due to the realization of her methodical "Pit Bull" capabilities...with lipstick of course.

Zanne Booker 10-29-08

Note: Two things can make an honest person change drastically; they are conviction or corruption.