Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spread The Wealth Around?

By now, almost everyone has heard of Joe the Plumber and his close encounter with Senator Obama. Of course, I find the Senator's words "Spread the wealth around" an abomination, but the reason goes much deeper than financial ramifications dictate. The consequences of such skewed logic will ultimately spill over into our educational system. Now, I know that there are circumstances which prevent some students from doing well, in the classroom, due to health issues, disabilities, and home-life situations. However, how are we, especially with our NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND policy, going to encourage the conscientious youth of America to achieve in school when the disruptive, party-hardy "Do-Littles" can sit right beside them confident that it will all even out in the end financially? And it will...if Senator Obama has his way! There has always been a push for America's youth to achieve financially through hard work and knowledge (the key to success). I fear that concept may be a hard sell with the new "spread notion" in the wings. Maybe we should just let the Valedictorian and the Class-Clown address the student body on graduation day. It's all good!

Zanne Booker 10-22-08

Note: Each generation must supply pillars of society; they are erected through achievements...
their own.