Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Political Poll

I looked up the type of questions that would appear on a political poll. The ones I found asked questions like the following: Who do you want to be the next U.S. President? What is your racial categorization (white/non Hispanic, Hispanic, Native American, African American, Asian American, Other)? What is your voting affiliation? Are you male or female? Are you a registered voter? Well, you get the point. I must admit that my poll questions will go a little deeper.

I want you to know that this is not an official poll and that it has absolutely no political influence (to my knowledge) with either the Democrat or Republican parties. It is my personal project. Thank you for participating.

1. Have you ever been polled before? Y or N
2. Are you excited that you were polled (finally) and that you can
check it off the things to accomplish in your lifetime? Y or N
3. Do you realize that some polls are slanted to influence voters? Y or N
4. Do you let polls influence you? Y or N
5. Are you an undecided voter? Y or N
6. Who are you leaning toward voting for? McCain or Obama
7. Can you list 3 reasons you should vote for your favorite candidate? Y or N
8. Would you vote for someone who was down in the polls? Y or N
9. Do you know the difference between a capitalist and a socialist? Y or N
10. Did you know that one of the two presidential candidates is a socialist? Y or N
11. Did you know that socialism was a stepping stone to communism? Y or N
12. Would you swap our existing American system for socialism if
it meant you would have greater financial footing? Y or N
13. On a scale of 1-10, what was your stress level while taking this poll? 1-10


And now you know why I decided not to alienate myself, at my husband’s family reunion, by asking his relatives these questions…more tomorrow.

Zanne Booker 10-18-08

Note: The election is growing closer; after the election let’s hope
Americans will be too.