Sunday, October 12, 2008

Could Congress Pass The Salt Shaker Without Pork?

Pork-barrel legislation is tied to virtually every bill brought before the House and Senate. It is, by definition, Congressional appropriations of public funds (taxpayer money) for projects that serve a small area of the nation’s citizens. It has historically had a three-fold purpose: one is to transfuse the representative’s district/state with money and resources; another is to “grease the palms” of their monetary backers in previous elections; and the third is to secure re-election by one’s constituents. Too often congressmen and congresswomen are forced to vote “YES” on pork-packed legislation for the greater good; however, this bailout package should have been the exception. There is no room for “pork” when there is no room for error! The very financial stability of the globe is tied into “getting this right”. It was the one time that voters everywhere would have been impressed with less.

Zanne Booker 10-13-08

Note: There is no room for “pork” when there is no room for error!