Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Are Slowly Losing Our Freedom of Speech

Americans who oppose liberal viewpoints are already experiencing “censorclip.” What is “censorclip” you may ask? Holding views in a tight grip while allowing only bits of information to be doled out (at the least relevant times) by the liberal media. Very few stations today are permitting fair and equitable verbal opposition. I am truly surprised some reporters don’t just wear their campaign buttons during interviews. The label used to be “yellow journalism”. I like this definition best. “Yellow journalism, in short, is a biased opinion masquerading as objective fact” (library.thinkquest.org). We are experiencing a back-door maneuver bringing us one step closer to losing our freedom of speech. You see, we will be able to say anything, anytime, and anywhere we want to; however, we will just have to shout it in the streets or from the rooftops. If our communication lines are cut off, then we are silenced.

Zanne Booker 10-15-08

Note: Will those who oppose the liberal media have to add ham radio operator to their résumé?