Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poll Dancers

Polls are suppose to be a "random" canvassing of public opinion. Now, in a race as important as the one for the White House I can see a little...okay a lot of potential for skewed statistics. No canvasser has ever asked me (or anyone I ever knew) who I was going to vote for come election time. So, why are "undecided" voters letting the media play the tune they are to dance to? I have a skittish friend who flips and flops between candidates based on media slants, political discussions, and polls. Could there be a conspiracy afoot to "influence" such voters? You betcha! Did you know that the pollsters don't rest until the last polls close on elections night? They stay out there spinning their webs of influence. Opinion polls are fluctuating continually. My advice for any voter is to stay away from Poll Dancing...there are just too many steps.

Zanne Booker 10-17-08

Note: Want to hear something scary? One very educated man told me that nothing would change after the election, no matter who won...YIKES!