Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell Would Advise Any U.S. President

When Barack Obama said, in an aired interview Monday, on NBC's "Today", that General Colin Powell would have a role as "one" of his advisers, what difference did it make? Not one retired or currently serving general would deny his country (via the country's president) the benefit of his/her wisdom. Which brings me to another point. Whether it be Obama or Palin or Biden or this country, no President has to have all of the answers. Details of every possible scenario in areas of national defense, economics, homeland security, etc. are laid at his/her feet. Now, from time to time the country gets blindsided, like with 9-11, and America has to scramble to alter or make a new game plan. No matter who gets into the White House...General Powell will do his duty.

Zanne Booker 10-21-08

Note: The word alter actually means to make something different without changing it into something else entirely. Changing from a republic to a socialist state would be...something else entirely.