Monday, October 27, 2008

Democrats Can't Handle The "Hot Seat"

Apparently, the Democrats feel entitled to the "fluff" treatment. They are quite comfortable being praised, cajoled, and told how "sexy" they are (Barbara Walters), yet when the gloves come off in the questioning arena...they whine. How dare Florida's journalist, Barbara West (WFTV), ask the "spot-on" questions that millions of Americans have wanted to hear the answers to for quite some time. She is a Patriot! The Obama Camp has declared a moratorium on any further interviews with Ms. West or her station. I think one was enough to be effective...don't you?

Zanne Booker 10-28-08

Note: No mercy shed where truth doth tread!

A final caveat:
If the Obama Party (which is not exactly the Democratic Party) tries to squelch the press on the campaign trail then what will they do in the Oval Office?