Sunday, October 26, 2008

Democrats Who Waver...Are Thinking For Themselves

Democrats, before you vote for your candidate on election day, look to see who is behind him. If these are the types of individuals you want to be associated are in the right place. However, if the candidate is merely an appendage, a smaller projecting part attached to a larger less palatable social movement (of ethical degradation) you should rethink your ballot. Not all Democrats are created equal. Most are for higher standards and find the alignment of their party, with unscrupulous groups, a move toward party deterioration. Ignore the "Murtha" types who try to bully you into thinking you are being a racist when you vote for another candidate. It is time that the decent Democratic Party members took the reigns back and forced their party to elevate their standards. The first step is with your vote.

Zanne Booker 10-27-08

Note: To vote against your party is an act of bravery only when it is not the result of peer pressure; in that case, it would only be an act of weakness.