Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Checks and Balances

The framers of the American Constitution assigned power to three branches of government with the main emphasis being that any branch could be "checked" by another. The "check" is a means to diminish or restrict the actions of any branch which would pose a threat to our republic, due to abuse of power. Additionally, it has been contentious yet comforting to know that a two (major) party system has been in place to help this checking system along...that is until this election. The press use to be America's watchdog, boldly going into the fray and seeking out the truth for the nation. Today it forms an unholy alliance with the liberal movement and reports what it deems fit for American's to hear. I find it odd that we are so easily fooled. We walk around talking to other citizens and hear the same views we hold: of standing for moral decency; of disgust with government misrepresentation; of holding everyone accountable for his or her actions; etc. And yet, we never see these points on the front page of publications. Could it be that we are being manipulated to feel like we are the last ones left in all the realm? Yep! You know any socialist or communist could walk down the streets of America and it would be his/her right (courtesy of our Constitution) to say anything. The ones we have to be wary of are the ones who write and plant seeds of doubt and hopelessness when we are most vulnerable. Unless someone is cruel to an animal, the "finger of foul" is always going to point toward one specific party (usually on the front page). Meanwhile, the other one gets a murky version of its wrong-doings, which will be buried deep within the pages of most publications. Now, back to the "balance"! It is imperative that we do not have two of the three branches of government in control by one party. If that happens, the Supreme Court will not be far behind, making it 3 for 3. And with the media's CHECK MATE.

Zanne Booker 10-23-08

Note: Our nation could be on the verge of vertigo.